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Studer AJ 600-24 Sine Wave Inverter

studer aj60024
studer aj60024
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The AJ series of sine wave inverters allows the operation of 230V/50Hz consumer regardless of the shore power 230 V/50Hz AC. This is derived from the 12V or 24V batteries. The high overload capacity of the device allows to take 3 times the rated power, allowing the safe operation of motor consumers, such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and power tools of all kinds, even if their power consumption is more than the inverter performance.

Please note that this inverter also requires a plug for the remote control.

The sine wave inverters of the AJ series have been designed to meet industrial and domestic needs. They meet the highest requirements in terms of comfort, safety and reliability.

Any device designed for the public electrical grid of 230 V 50 Hz can be connected to them (up to the nominal power of the inverter).  The AJ series is the perfect source of voltage in any place where the public grid is not available.   Should you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact us either by email  or by telephone 01708 223733.

A deficient assembly could result in damage to the device, cause function failures or potential damage to the users. The working device generates a high voltage which might be lethal in case of contact. So, should always be fitted by a competent solar PV engineer or Electrician.


Opening the inverter or using it incorrectly will result in the immediate loss of the warranty.

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