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Enecom HFp 40w

HFP 40w
HFP 40w
  • £310.00 inc. VAT

  • 06004DZ02
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  Enecom HFp 20w 06004DZ01 20.00 310 x 280 £220.00 £4.75 Buy Now
  Enecom HFp 40w 06004DZ02 40.00 560 x 280 £310.00 £4.75 Buy Now
  Enecom HFs 65w 06004DZ03 65.00 1370 x 344 £460.00 £4.75 Buy Now

Enecom flexible solar panels are ideal for adhering directly onto a curved boat deck or caravan roof, with no risk of damage caused by vibrations, high temperatures or contact with sea water.

Enecom panels can be curved by a maximum of 30% and, if they have been installed on a rigid surface, they can be walked on. The Enecom panels, their junction box as well as their cables are UV- and salt water-resistant.

This range of Enecom flexible solar panels are ideal for charging satellite phones.

The panels use monocrystalline solar cells encapsulated in a special polymer that allows a high light transmission, making the panels very efficient. The panels are also very light and completely recyclable.

These solar panels are especially convenient for use on boats and caravans, where flexible, shatter-proof, hard-wearing, water-proof and lightweight materials are required.  

Fixing Methods:

  • Permanent: They can be glued in place.
  • Removable: Eyelets so you can tie the panel to any part of your boat or vechicle, this can be useful if
  • you decide to move the panel around or put it away for storage.


       *  Dimensions 560mm x 280mm closed  

  • Ideal for use on curved surfaces
  • Can be flexed to 30%
  • Fully salt-water resistant, including
  • Can be walked on if installed on a rigid surface.
  • Highly efficient
  • Fitted with MC4 connectors
  • Eyelets can be added if required for easier fitting for a minimal cost.
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