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Solar Mate Secure is an efficient and easy way to provide movement activated security lighting where mains power does not exist.

Using the most advanced Thin Film solar cell technology, Solar Mate Secure’s solar panel powers the three internal AA rechargeable batteries, located in the light unit, during the day ready for operation once the sun goes down.

The Solar Mate Secure light unit contains 3 double sized super efficient LED’s, which are powerful enough to illuminate an area up to 16 feet away from the light unit.

Its integrated PIR movement sensor can be adjusted both for sensitivity and time, so the bulbs can burn from between 30 seconds and 20 minutes per activation.

The Solar Mate Secure’s light unit attaches to the Solar panel via a supplied 6 foot cable.

Full fitting instructions are included.


  • RWE German made solar cell
  • Light unit contains 3 double sized white LED’s and PIR
  • Light unit is supplied with 3 x rechargeable AA batteries
  • 6 foot connecting cable joins the light unit to the solar panel
  • Wall fixings included


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