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Smoke alarm clock

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smoke alarm clock

Smoke Alarm Clock

Combined smoke alarm and clock

  • Functional, contemporary design
  • A new twist on standard smoke alarms

It’s time for a clock with a difference

As always safety is paramount and you have smoke alarms in your home so why not in your caravan, motorhome, boat or even your tent.  The smoke alarm clock can go absolutely anywhere you want it.  No need to drill holes or use double sided sticky tape, just place the alarm clock anywhere.  Standard smoke alarms do a vital job, but you can't escape their bland design. The Smoke Alarm Clock looks great in comparison, and does two jobs in one...

This ground-breaking product does far more than tell the time. It also notifies you if there's a fire, so it could be a life-saver.  Most people won't even realise it is a smoke alarm!

It just needs one AA battery to power the clock and one 9V battery to power the fire alarm. It can either eliminate those clunky alarms stuck to the ceiling or provide you with double the protection.

Dimensions: Width 27.6 x Height 27.6 x Depth 4cm

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