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HD ready Indoor Aerial

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 HD ready Indoor Aerial


  • For crystal clear reception..
  • Ultra Flat, HD Ready, 41 dB gain, Filters, and easy to use..
  • Ultra flat design and construction for easy hiding behind a flat panel television or cabinet.
  • Patented technology guarantees best omni directional reception.
  • State of the art amplifier using microcontroller. Compatible with HD signals.
  • Wideband antenna for reception of all digital channels. Minimal interference by the included filters.
  • Features:
  • Ultra flat... Ultra flat/unique design to be hidden behind a flat panel tv. The worlds thinnest antenna that easily fits behind the flat screen television.
  • HD ready... HD ready, the aerial is capable of receiving HD signals.
  • 41 dB gain.. The amplifier is equipped with a micro-controller resulting in a stable and high gain performance.
  • Filters.... The included filters minimize the interference from other rf signals such as dect phones, wireless headphones, and mobile phones.
  • Easy to use, Plug & play... The installation of the antenna is very easy and does  not require any tool or hardware.
  • Specifications:
  • Amplifier up to 41dB.
  • Size 230mm x 245mm x 3.8mm.
  • 4 meter coaxial cable included.
  • Powered via DVBT receiver or via included AC/DC adapter.
  • Reception is always influenced by the environment.
  • Instruction Guide.
  • Manufacturers Guarantee.



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