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Headrest Tablet Mount

headrest tablet mountClick to enlarge product image
headrest tablet mount

Headrest Tablet Mount

Want to keep the “Are we there yet “ at bay from all the children of all ages.

Clip this easy to mount  tablet  frame and let them watch their favourite films in the back of the car

  • Easy to install
  • Fits most headrests and tablets
  • No touchscreen area loss
  • Impact and shock resistant

Watch films from the backseat

Long journeys can become quite boring, especially when the scenery isn't offering you much to look at, but thanks to the Headrest Tablet Mount, you can now watch films whilst the driver whittles away the miles, without the predictable wrist ache that comes from trying to hold your tablet still for 2 hours!

This headrest mounted tablet holder is easy to install using the adjustable headrest brackets. Simply line up the brackets with the headrest, and tighten the locking bolts to hold it securely in place.

The tablet holder itself is designed to securely hold most tablets, thanks to the adjustable grips. The holder firmly holds the tablet in two opposing corners, without obscuring any of the touchscreen area, whilst the padded disc ensures there are no scuff marks left on your cherished gadget.

The Headrest Tablet Mount can hold your tablet in either portrait or landscape orientation; in fact, it can hold it in any orientation, thanks to the 360° rotation.

Whether you're planning a road trip, or a holiday with the kids, the Headrest Tablet Mount is the ultimate tool to help with boredom-busting


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