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Wicked Wedge Lounger

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Wicked Wedge Inflatable Lounger -Instant lounging; wherever, whenever!

No more struggling to find a comfortable position while trying to relax while you are away on holiday when chilling out on the beach. The Wicked Wedge Inflatable Lounger is here to revolutionise your down time!

This inflatable, colourful lounger, complete with attached waterproof mat, provides a comfortable resting place and back support wherever you are. Great for use as a camping chair, at music festivals, picnics and on the beach; you can also use the Wicked Wedge indoors – it's perfect for sitting up reading and watching TV in bed, or for use in a child's play room, and can even be used as part of a recuperation programme when suffering from a bad back or illness.

The Wicked Wedge folds down to the size of a small book, so it's great for packing away in your bag so that you'll never again be caught without a place to sit down and relax. It takes only minutes to inflate – just like a beach ball.

Adjust the inflatable lounger to meet your desired comfort levels by inflating or deflating the wedge to cushy or firm. The Wicked Wedge Inflatable Lounger is the must-have accessory for any outdoors-lover or for anyone who simply wants a little extra support while relaxing.pack in your backpack  it is a must have for all of your festivals.

As this is small enough to

  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight and easy to inflate
  • Featuring waterproof mat
  • Great back support


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