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The Backseat Organizer

back seat organiserClick to enlarge product image
back seat organiser

Practical storage solution for your vehicle Back Seat Organiser

  • Attaches to the reverse of either front seat
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Includes CD and umbrella holders

Whether you use your vehicle for the daily commute, taking road trips, or just ferrying the kids from A to B (and back again), the inside of vehicles can get pretty messy, pretty quickly. A map strewn here, a bottle of water rolling around there, something to keep the kids amused shoved underneath the seat, it can be hard to find somewhere to store all these essentials!

The Back Seat Organiser is a practical solution to your vehicle storage woes. The organiser attaches to the reverse of either the driver, or passenger, front seat, using the attached Velcro straps, and chord ties, holding all your bits and bobs securely all in one place!

This seat organiser boasts numerous pockets, in varying shapes and sizes, from a slim-line pocket to stash your mobile phone, spaces for drinks and snacks, and a larger pocket for keeping magazines in to entertain the kids (and a map just in case you get lost). There's even a CD holder, to keep your beloved discs away from anything that might scratch them, and an umbrella holder, because let's face it, who doesn't mean to keep an umbrella in the car, just in case?

Like all the best ideas, the Back Seat Organiser is an incredibly simple solution to an everyday problem, and one that'll you wonder how you ever kept your vehicle even approaching looking presentable without!


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