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Moonlight Energy Night Light

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Have you seen our new eco-friendly light? 

Well here it is the Moonlight Energy-saving Nightlight

Nightlights can provide a great deal of comfort to kids when they go to sleep, but they might present you with problems like getting too hot to touch and using untold amounts of electricity. Well, the Moonlight Energy-saving Nightlight solves both of those problems… and more.

Firstly, the light needs neither batteries nor bulbs (That’s a massive saving straight away on the costs of batteries) – just plug it in and leave it to keep bedrooms, landings, hallways etc. nicely lit up throughout the night. In fact, you could leave this ecozone nightlight running all year long at the lowly cost of less than a penny a day!

And because it uses so little electricity, you don't need to worry about this nightlight heating up and endangering inquisitive kids – it stays nice and cool to touch., so no burnt little fingers.

Its slim design also makes the Moonlight Energy-saving Nighlight a stylish addition in the house, as well as a handy gadget to have with you on your travels.

  • Bulbs and batteries not required
  • Safe for kids – doesn't get hot to touch
  • Perfect for anywhere you would like to have the safety of a nightlight.
  • Guaranteed for three years


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