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LUMiLife Solar Powered LED 'Clip On' Lantern

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  • A Great easy to use Clip on Lantern

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LUMiLife Solar Powered LED 'Clip On' Lantern

The LUMiLife Solar Powered LED 'Clip On' Lantern is an attractive solar powered light with candle design and real flicker effect.

The perfect lantern light to add the ambience that is needed for that special evening in your Gazebo or that evening with special friends on your decking area.    Each light showcases a clip and a loop so that the lights can be strung to hang, clipped onto umbrellas or awnings or anywhere that needs some soft light.

Each light has 1 rechargeable battery that is recharged by a solar cell that is built into the top of the light.

The lights can also be set on a table as a safe substitute to a lantern.

Each light is made from heavy duty PVC plastic, are weatherproof, rust & corrosion resistant and will operate for up to 8 hours on a full charge.

Automatic on / off operation with the sunset and sunrise.

IP44 Weatherproof - ideal for outside use.

Simple setup - string up the lantern-style light by the top loop or hang the unit(s) up with the included clip.

Lights will run for 8 hrs on full charge – full charge takes 4.5 Hrs

10,000 hour lifespan

Each light includes a rechargeable battery, charged by a solar cell found at top of the light

Solar cell works in all light conditions, even cloudy days

Heavy-duty weatherproof PVC plastic. 


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