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12v Lumi Light inc 4m Cable

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Lumi light
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Add extra LUMi’s if more light is needed. 

Each light can be switched via a button on the centre point of the LUMi lens and also on the HUBi Solar Hub. Supplied with a 4m cable and hanging hook, each LUMi has a brightness of 40 lumens and this is capable of illuminating a 3m x 3m area. Using the very latest surface mounted LED’s ensures that LUMi’s power consumption is kept to a minimum ensuring long burn times.
Note – the LUMi Splitter Cable will be needed if three or more LUMI’s need to be powered from a single Solar Hub.


  • Power input from HUBi

Power requirements

  • 12v DC
  • 0.5w


  • 120mm x 120mm x 120mm 

Cable length

  • 4m


  • 240g


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