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Fun dancing Panda Solar Pal

dancingpandaClick to enlarge product image

Fill up their stocking this Christmas with this fun solar dancing Panda Solar Pal.

Dimensions: Height 9.5cm Width 6cm Depth 6cm

Solar Pals are novelty toys that move or dance when you shine light on them. Solar Pals are made of plastic with a small built in solar panel on the base, either on the back or front. Any kind of light will make the solar panel work, whether it be natural sunlight or artificial light.  No need for any type of batteries so they will not run out on Xmas day, Actually the Solar panels don't “run out” in the same way that a household battery will. They react to the amount of light they are exposed to, so in full sunlight the Solar Pal will work at maximum capacity and in a dimmer light it will move less. Technically a solar panel can slow over time but this won't start to happen for approx. 20 years or so.

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