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The Road Refresher Pet Bowl

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The Road Refresher Best Bits

  • Designed for travel and home use
  • Makes spills and wet floors a thing of the past
  • Very easy to clean
  • Award winning product design

The award-winning non-spill dog bowl!

The Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill bowl that won't spill even if the car is travelling around corners. It will even reduce your dog's slobber by up to 90% - doggone amazing.

In the house it means no more spills from accidental kicks and it limits the amount of water your dog can drink in one sitting. It's also great keeping their long ears and doggy beards from getting sopping wet and drenching the furniture, and the Road Refresher really does the job on car journeys.

In the car, the bowl can be filled with water and left safely on the floor and your pet can lap up the fresh water and you don't have to fear that any will spill. This is all thanks to a revolutionary floating plate that lets the dog drinks enough water yet restricts the water from sloshing over the side when you corner, break or the dog knocks it.

The Road Refresher also has a Velcro base, so it will fix to carpets and additional safe fixing pads for making sure the bowl stays put. It is made from heat resistant, toughened polypropylene and can be easily taken apart and clicked back together.

Large Road Refresher Specs

  • Holds 1.4litres (54fl.oz)
  • Diameter of base 24cm x height 10cm
  • Drinking hole diameter 12cm


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