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water droplet dancing lights

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Water Dancing Droplet Speakers, Watch your music dance!


Now you don't have to just listen to your music, you can watch it too!

Select solar are offering these wonderful speaker lights where they can be used anywhere you can take your laptop or phone as long as you have a USB connection.  Each of the Water Dancing Droplet Speakers contains 5 Led lights, and 5 water jets, and is sure to be a audio and visual delight! Powered by USB, and compatible with all devices with a headphone socket.

Water jets that dance to the beat.   The Water Dancing Droplet Speakers are not like regular speakers, not only do they sound terrific they look outstanding too!

Each of the speakers contains 5 LEDs, which create the perfect atmosphere for the 5 water jets to dance to. The jets themselves shoot liquid up and down again in synchronisation with the music, a hypnotic indulgence to watch, whilst you relax and listen to your favourite tunes.

These clever little speakers are powered by USB (cable included), making them the perfect desktop accessory to brighten up your work space.

If you don't have a PC, laptop, or any other device with a USB socket to hand, you can even power the speaker using your smartphone or tablet, simply connect them using your device's charging cable. Once the speakers are charged, you can disconnect them from the power source and use them anywhere.

The Water Dancing Droplet Speakers are compatible with any sound source with a 3.5mm socket, and the audio cable is included, so everything you need to listen (and watch) these fabulous speakers is included in the box, well, besides the music of course, but we trust you've got that covered.

2 x speakers

1 x mini USB charging cable

1 x 3.5mm audio auxiliary cable

5 LED lights, and 5 water jets, per speaker Powered by USB Compatible with any device with a 3.5mm socket

Speaker output power 3W x 2 (6W Total)

1 year warranty



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