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12V 1100w Powersource Pro Power Inverter

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This is a high quality 12v DC to AC inverter. It is ideal for the professional user requiring 230V mains power for heavy duty applications. With sufficient 12 volt battery power the converter will provide 12 hours of constant use at 1100w.

Ring terminal heavy duty battery cables are included, along with two bolt on battery terminal connectors.  The unit has a mains socket and an on/off switch for your mains equipment.

A useful digital display can be switched between showing the application wattage and the battery voltage. There is also a USB charging port for small electronic devices such as MP3 players.

These inverters include a number of safety features to protect both the inverter, the appliance in use and ensuring that enough battery voltage is left to restart your car.

Safety Features:

  • Low voltage alarm when the battery drops below 10.5v
  • Low voltage shutdown when the battery drops below 10v
  • Over voltage protection – automatically shuts down when the input voltage exceeds 15v
  • Overload Protection – automatically shuts down when power draw exceeds maximum rating of 2200W
  • Temperature protection – operates between 0°C and 40°C. 

The inverter can provide short-term power for...

  • TV
  • games consoles
  • the fridge
  • power drills & jigsaws
  • strimmers
  • laptops, PCs & monitors
  • electric fans and probably a whole lot more applications that we haven't thought of yet.

Dimensions: 148mm x 70mm x 288mm   Weight: 2.7Kg

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