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Adjustable Frame Mounting System 550mm wide

AF300 & AF450 - email 1
AF300 & AF450 - email 1

For those that want the ability to easily adjust the angle of their solar panels, our adjustable frames offer a truly unique solution, and look fantastic once installed

These frames are unlike any other currently on the market, offering a unique 'friction hinge' design. This allows the solar panel to be raised or lowered with ease and there is no need to adjust stays or supports, and no fumbling around with nuts and bolts - the last thing you need when balancing on the roof of your motorhome
The AF550 is designed for solar panels up to 675mm in width and approximately 1.3 metre in length. The frame can be used with panels greater than 1.3 metre in length by simply using additional frames to support the central section of the panel.
This frame are also suitable for wall mounting.


  • 550mm wide
  • 28mm thick
  • made in the UK
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