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Start monkey 200

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Startmonkey 200
• Compact and lightweight – easy to store in your car
• Startmonkey200 is suitable for vehicles using 12v batteries up to 650 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps), you
  can check your cranking amp rating by checking the sticker on the top of your battery. If your battery
  exceeds 650 CCA (for example large diesel engines,Transit type vans or 4x4’s), you will require the
• Quick and easy to use
• Ready to jump your car in 8 seconds once attached and activated automatically
• Can be fully recharged in 3-4 hours

Auto On / Off

• LED Charging / fully charged indicator

• LED battery charge indicator
• 12v DC output for in-car devices

• Anti-slip magnetic str


Kit List
* 1 x pair of flexible cable (12AWG 200 ̊C); black ‘-‘ negative 45cm and red ‘+’ positive 50cm with
   insulated metal battery clamps
* 1 x 12v in-car charger
* 1 x female cigarette lighter socket

(compatible with motormonkey)


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