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Gorilla Pad connector

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We recommend that you select the 8.4volt setting on the minigorilla or powergorilla as the lower voltage has a better DC/DC converting efficiency which significantly improves the charging efficiency.  Do not select a setting higher than 12V on the minigorilla or powergorilla as this may damage your gorilla product. The gorilla-pad is not suitable for use with the older powergorillas (V1s) that only have the 3 voltage settings of 16, 19 & 24V.

Please be aware that you should never use our retractable USB cable with the Gorilla-pad accessory - our cable is not rated to take 2.1amps and may be damaged, especially if used when not retracted. Your device's genuine USB cable must ALWAYS be used.

Input: 5V~24V, 4A
Output: 5V, 2.1A with iPad resistor ID inside USB
Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 16mm
Cable Length: 140mm
Weight: 65g

 - converts different input voltage & current into iPad acceptable charging voltage & current
 - compact with high efficiency
 - high input voltage protection
 - fully charging iPad in 2 hours

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