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Studer SI 2324 2300w Sine Wave off grid Inverter

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Studer SI series


The SI range consists of sine wave inverters that convert the DC voltage of a battery into AC voltage which can be used by all electrical appliances.

Key Features

  • High efficiency 
  • Outstanding overload capabilities thanks to the combined use of a torodial transformer, of an oversized power stage and of an ultra-fast regulation.
  • Electrical supply to any kind of appliance.
  • Full internal protection
  • Stand-by level adjustable over a large range and from a very low threshold
  • Reliable and silent working with all kind of loads
  • Optional possibility in option to connect 3 inverters together in an autonomous 3 x 400Vac 3-phase grid. (-PE Option)

Dimensions  L124 xH215 x636mm    Weight 3kg

See related documents for full technical information (SI Series data-sheet)

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