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Ben Q 260W Solar panel

CS6P canadian solar
CS6P canadian solar
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  • 06009CJ00
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  Ben Q 260W Solar panel 06009CJ01 250.00 1640 x 992 £262.00 £15.00 Out of stock

The Ben Q Solar panel is a robust all purpose solar module.

Highly Strengthened Design
Module complies with advanced loading tests to
meet 5400 Pa loading requirements

IP-67 Rated Junction Box
Advanced water and dust proof level

Flammability Test
Low ignitability ensuring fire safety

Anti-Reflection Coated Glass
Anti-reflective surface enhances the power performance

PID Free

Resistance to Salt Corrosion and Humidity

Module complies with IEC 61701: Salt Mist Corrosion Testing

Ammonia Test
Reliable in ammonia rich environment

Dimensions : 1639mm x 983mm x 40mm

Weight : 18.5kg

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