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7.5w Trickle charger

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A+Life 7.5w solar panel trickle charger designed for keeping 12v batteries charged.

This solar panel is designed to prevent rechargeable 12 volt batteries from discharging and damaging themselves when left in storage for long periods of time.  Some commons uses of 12volt batteries are in cars, trucks, ATV’s, boats and water pumps.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Wattage      Up to 7.5watts

Current at Pmax            Up to 400mA

Solar Panel Type           Amorphous

Measurements              13 3/10” x 13 3/10” x 7/10”.

Weight                            1.5kgs

What’s in the box?

1 x 7.5w Solar Panel

1 x Battery clamps

1 x DC Plug

4 x mounting screws

7 Feet of Cable.

1 x Owner’s Manual

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