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White LED Light String - Multi-Function - 100pcs

White LED Light String - Multi-Function - 100pcs
White LED Light String - Multi-Function - 100pcs
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Perfect for Christmas or parties!

Whether you're decorating your Christmas tree, lighting up party or just adding extra to your home, the Multi-Coloured LED Light String Lights will add style to any occasion - indoor and outdoor. A great advantage is that the bulbs are low-voltage LED and stay cool to touch. You can be reassured of safely when wrapping around your Christmas tree or around furniture.

These lights provide an elegant warm white tone and a subtle warmth to your home.

Made to outlast traditional lighting

Traditional string lighting features incadecent push-in bulbs which are less durable. LED lights are stronger and a lot more durable which prevents breakages and the full length cutting out. Each LED bulb operates individually which gives you a piece of mind.

Flexible usage

There are many creative uses for these lights; wrap them round the bed frame, hang them over furniture and ornaments, or drape them across the fireplace.

8 Multi-functions

There are 8 multi-function options to choose from:

  1. Combination
  2. Steady On
  3. In Wave
  4. Twin-Light Chasing
  5. In Wave/Twinkle Flashing
  6. Slo-Glow
  7. Stepping On
  8. Slow-Fade
SKU LV126666W
Number of LEDs 100
Bulb Spacing (mm) 80
Cable Colour Green
Lit Length (m) 7.92
Total Length (m) 15.92
Colour Cool White
Dimmable (Option) No
Warranty 1 Year


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