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LG 370W Mono Neon R V5

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  • 06009LG04
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  LG 330W Mono Neon2 Black V5 Panel 06009LG01 330.00 1686 x 1016 £249.92 £99.00 Out of stock
  LG 355W Mono Neon2 V5 06009LG02 350.00 1640 x 1000 £289.13 £99.00 Buy Now
  LG 360W Mono Neon R Prime V5 (Black backsheet) 06009LG03 360.00 1700 x 1016 £421.39 £99.00 Buy Now
  LG 370W Mono Neon R V5 06009LG04 370.00 1700 x 1016 £421.39 £99.00 Buy Now

Key Features:

High Efficiency LG NeON® R Module Cells: 6 x 10 with Module efficiency of 21.1%

Dimensions: 1700 x 1016 x 40 mm

Enhanced Performance Warranty

LG NeON® R V5 has an enhanced performance warranty. After 25 years, LG NeON® R V5 is guaranteed at least 90.8% of initial performance.

Output warranty of Pmax Linear warranty  1) First year : 98%  2) After 1st year : 0.3% annual degradation 3) 25 years : 90.8%

High Power Output

The LG NeON® R has been designed to significantly enhance its output making it efficient even in limited space.

Aesthetic Roof

LG NeON® R has been designed with aesthetics in mind: no electrode on the front that makes new product more aesthetic. LG NeON® R can increase the value of a property with its modern design.

Outstanding Durability

With its newly reinforced frame design, LG NeON® R can endure a front load up to 6000 Pa, and a rear load up to 5400 Pa

Better Performance on a Sunny Day

LG NeON® R now performs better on a sunny days thanks to its improved temperature coefficient.

Near Zero LID

The n-type cells used in LG NeON® R have almost no boron, which may cause the initial performance degradation, leading to less LID.

Improved Product Warranty

As well as the enhanced performance warranty, LG has extended the product warranty of the LG NeON® R from 15 years to 25 years

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