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Solar + Wind Power Station - 3kw + Rutland 1200 Terrain

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Our 3kw + Rutland 1200 Terrain Solar + Wind Power Station is part of a range of large kits designed to provide power to off-grid locations, this kit is suitable for small-scale stables, workshops and houses. The main use for this kit is to be used as a:

  • Completely off-grid power system which can have a generator or mains as a backup

Within the kit you have all parts that you require to start producing you own power within 24 hours of installation. It is simple to construct and comes with full instructions. We are able to provide technical assistance over the phone if necessary. There are many optional parts of the system which can be used for extra safety and monitoring.

The solar panels are intended to be mounted on a pantile roof using a rail system. Alternatively you can use ConSoles to mount the panels on a flat roof or on the ground. The MPPT charge controller is to be connected to the batteries first, making sure they are wired for a balanced load and charge. The 10m of extension cable from the solar runs to the MPPT charge controller via the roof or other access ways. The batteries are then connected to the inverter/charger making sure to balance the connections.

The wind turbine must be mounted on the provided tower system with pole sections and guide wires. The turbine has a seperate controller which is connected direct to the battery bank. Both the solar and wind have intelligent controllers which allow simultaneous charging of the battery bank to keep your system going.

You are essentially provided a 240V mains supply which you can wire into a mains consumer unit or sub-board. To run 12/24/48V appliances you can either run straight off the batteries or purchase a DC-DC converter. Note: if you have DC loads and have a CCGX in the system then it would be recommended to purchase a BMV-700 to assist in calculating an accurate State of Charge (SoC).

The 3kw + Rutland 1200 Terrain kit provides on average 12,240 watt hours per day from solar, 690 watt hours from wind and 7,920 watt hours back up from the batteries. It can normally power appliances such as lawn mowers, power tools, vacuum and dual batter chargers etc for around 2-4 hours per day. If you wish to power larger appliances or run these for longer or during winter, please consider a larger station.

To get a better understanding of appliances that you can use with our powerstations, consider using our appliance wattage calculator (Excel speadsheet) for the larger kits:



  • Gives you the tools to achieve energy self sufficiency
  • Easy to install kit without the need for any qualified persons
  • Simple to disassemble and relocate
  • Can provide power in areas where mains cannot reach
  • Can be seen as an investment due to ever increasing energy prices



  • Panels may vary according to stock levels, but will be as close to 3kw as possible
  • The above mounting system is based on a pantile roof. An alternative mounting system may be required for slate or flat roofs
  • If connecting the MultiPlus to the grid, you need to check with the DNO for permission
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