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0.72W Powerfilm RC7.2-75 (100mA @ 7.2V) with pressure sensitive adhesi

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This mini solar module is designed to be easily integrated within remote controlled aircraft.

  • Rated 100mA @ 7.2V
  • measures 270x90mm, and just 0.2mm thick
  • very lightweight (7.6g )
  • lightweight, paper thin and durable
  • flexible enough to curve around an object 3 inches in diameter
  • will not break if dropped
  • extra edge seal for weather production and adhesion
  • comes with a strong pressure sensitive adhesive for simple bonding.
  • these modules do not have UV stabilised surface.
  • for connection just solder or crimp to the copper tape on the back of the module.


  • Current: 100mA
  • Power: 0.72W
  • Voltage: 7.2V
  • Dimensions (mm): 270 x 90
  • Weight (g): 5.9
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