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Low voltage solar panel 1.4W, 4.5 or 9V

Low voltage solar panel 1.4W, 4.5 or 9VClick to enlarge product image
Low voltage solar panel 1.4W, 4.5 or 9V

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A small, low-voltage encapsulated PV cell suitable for a variety of professional, educational or hobby uses. This module can be wired for either 4.5V or 9V, making it a useful teaching aid.

  • Rated 1.4W, 4.5V or 9V
  • Monocrystalline
  • Encapsulated in clear acrylic onto a black background
  • Predrilled mounting holes at each corner
  • A prewired connectors and plugs in the junction box make this very simple to change between 4.5V and 9V
  • Junction box with LED indicators
  • Approx. 90cm cable terminating in a standard barrel connector
  • Dimensions 120 x 155 x 3 mm; junction box 21mm thick.

For other projects, we also have solar cells under 4v and solar cells from 6v to 15.4v

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