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Sunsei Panel expansion kit

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Sunsei Panel expansion kit
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The Expansion Kit will securely mount and electrically connect two or more Sunsei SE4000, SE6000 or SE8000 panels side-by-side. This kit allows the panels to be mounted side-by-side with a uniform spacing and a minimal gap between each panel.

  • One expansion kit is needed for every one panel addition.
  • The Expansion Kit comes with a Sunsei Plug-n-Play cable which connects into the first panel. Therefore, only one panel will need to be connected to the battery system and all other panels will "daisy-chain" into the first panel.
  • The supplied power cable can connect into ICP Solar's previous generation of SolarPRO panels.
  • This kit can support up to a maximum of 25A of current (approximately 400W) before a 2nd daisy-chain of panels connected to the battery system is required.
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