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Morningstar Sunsaver controller 24V 10A

This solar panel charge regulator is rated at 10A for 24V solar systems (240W).

It is a high quality charger controller, fully encapsulated in epoxy potting with marine rated terminals for use in hazardous locations. 

Made by Morningstar, these controllers use PWM* technology to extend battery life.

    * low voltage disconnect facility
    * battery selection (flooded or sealed)
    * LED charge and load disconnect indicators
    * reverse polarity protection
    * temperature compensation
    * constant voltage PWM series charging
    * high level of lightning protection
    * approved for use in hazardous locations
    * dimensions: 152 x 55 x 34mm; 230g.
    * rated inputs of 10A
    * 5-year warranty

* PWM, or Pulse width modulation charging can double the life of a battery compared with On-Off charging. It typically sends 30% more solar energy into the battery per day. Average battery State-of-Charge is 90-95% compared to 55-60% for On-Off regulators.

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