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7A adjustable voltage controlled switch

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12 volt lead-acid batteries can be damaged if drained excessively, so protecting a battery from full discharge can help to prolong its life.

This 7 Amp voltage switch provides battery discharge protection as it cuts off the load circuit when the battery voltage falls below a user adjustable level (between 11.2V to 12V).  Once the battery is recharged, again to a user adjustable level (between 12.5V and 13.5V), the load circuit is switched back on again.  

Typically used in conjunction with GPS tracking systems and data loggers (which may malfunction with too low a voltage) and remote PV solar installations. 

Need to operate for a much higher current?  Use the voltage switch to power a relay.

• Very low power consumption of 2.2mA and 0.15mA in Standby
• Protected (Input & Load) against short-circuit, reverse polarity & overload, overtemperature & power removal
• Reliable -100% solid state, quiet, completely sealed
• No radio interference
• Wall mountable solid aluminium case with components fully encapsulated in epoxy resin
• Built in snubbing diode.
• 5 year warranty
• Manufactured with solar power

Electrical Specifications
Max. input voltage 30 volts
Max. current (at 85 °C) 7 amps DC
16 gauge wire leads
User adjustable voltage set points:
    from 12.5V On, 11.2V off
    to 13.5V On, 12.2V off

General Specifications
Temperature range: –40° to +85°C
Weight: 210 grams
Dimensions (mm): 64 x 96 x 18

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