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185W 308 CP Solar Panel

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185 Watt 308 CP Solar Panel series is manufactured from high quality materials, selected for their durability and performance. These solar panels are certified CE TUV and IEC, for on-grid systems, residential and solar power plants use.


  • Cell efficiency up to 17.3%. Selection of best cells raw material in order to improve the efficiency per square meters.
  • Diodes by-pass to avoid falls due to the shadow.
  • Limitation of reflection of light rays through the EVA material.
  • Not deformable aluminum frame with its unique casing system.
  • Rated power (Wp) 185W
  • Maximim power voltage (Vpm) 36.90V
  • Maximum power current (Ipm)  5.01A
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc) 44.50V
  • Short circuit current (Isc)  5.31A
  • Dimensions 1580*808*40mm
  • Weight 14.8kg
  • Cable length 900mm
  • Manufacturer's guarantee 10 years


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