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Stayput HRD6K Surface Fasteners (6pk - Nylon)

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These six Stayput nylon fasteners allow the easy fitting and removal of flexible solar panels to the roof of your boat, caravan & motorhome.

Each fastener is countersunk for a screw fit (or pop rivet) to the hard surface. 

Made of white nylon, they are simple to fit:-  

  • Position the fasteners on the roof or other hard surface
  • Mark the postion of the screw holes
  • Install the fasteners in place with preferred method e.g. screws/bolts/rivets (not included)
  • Use a  silicon sealant  (or other bedding compound) to keep moisture out of the drilled holes 
  • When the sealant has cured fit the eyelets of the panel over the fasteners and turn the retainers. 

For 9mm diameter eyelets (as used in our flexible panels).

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