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Branch Light with berries

lumify brown branch lightClick to enlarge product image
lumify brown branch light
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Brown Bud branch light

Twenty LED lights are charmingly placed on the end of branches accompanied by a bunch of artificial berries. Each branch is metal so this allows you to display in the exact way you wish to do so.

These beautiful arrangements can be added to existing ornaments or plants but also stand up as a stylish piece in their own right.  

You can place these lights anywhere in the home to bring that instant light to that boring dark corner of the room.   This could be in a vase, lays across a fireplace or hanging down.  However you chose to display your lighting arrangement they will add a warm serene glow to your home. Not to be forgotten is the fact that they look attractive during the day when they are not on, making them the perfect addition to any room.

This product is battery powered which are included.


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