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Rutland 1200 Windcharger 12V

Rutland 1200 Windcharger 12VClick to enlarge product image
Rutland 1200 Windcharger 12V

Experience the powerful but quiet operation of the new Tri-namic profile blade. Our latest turbine, the Rutland 1200, is the ideal companion for generating energy on board. In high winds the Rutland 1200 blade achieves high rotation levels thus delivering more power than any other turbine of its diameter range at 3, 6, 12 & 15m/s (6, 12, 23 & 29Knots).

Rutland 1200 Specifications

Cut in Windspeed 2.5 m/s
Output Voltages Available (Nominal) 12V 24V
Power / Current Ratings:    
5m/s     10knots 40W (2.9A) 40W (1.45A)
11m/s   21knots 290W (21.3) 290W (10.7A)
15m/s   29knots 483W (35.5A) 483W (17.76A)
Packed Weight & Dimensions  900 x 390 x 185mm 11.25kg
Generator Type Low friction 3 phase rare earth magnets, brushless.
Yaw Rotation Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
Governing Devices Electronic stalling
Turbine Diameter 1220mm
Turning Radius 620 mm
Net Weight 7.8 kg 17.2lbs


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