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Wind Turbines

Install a Rutland Wind Turbine and experience the convenience of fully charged batteries.

Power for marine and land based applications whether you’re on the move or at a permanent location Rutland Wind Turbines deliver power from the smallest of breezes.

Power that is readily available for lights, navigation equipment, laptops and other electrical appliances. Free and renewable energy from the gentlest breeze can be combined with solar panels for a balanced year round power supply.


When you need power at a remote site the Furlmatic model Windchargers provide a reliable and cost effective solution. Power generated can be used for off grid homes, remote telecommunications, monitoring, electric fences etc avoiding the costly and inconvenient installation of grid power. The Furlmatic Windchargers protect themselves by reducing the rotational speed of the turbine in extremely high winds in a design that continues to stand the test of time. For temporary installations land installations the smaller wind turbines can be used to keep batteries topped up.


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