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12v 300w Powersource Inverter with Single Socket

RINV300 12V 300W Powersource Inverter
RINV300 12V 300W Powersource Inverter

Powers 220-240v AC mains equipment directly from a 12v source. Plug the inverter into the vehicle´s cigarette lighter or connect directly to a 12v battery to convert the voltage to mains AC power.
The 12v 300w single socket PowerSource Inverter is simple and safe to use on equipment rated up to 300w such as laptop computers, camcorders, stereos, small fridges, small power tools and many other applications.
All PowerSource 12v inverters include the following key safety features: two-way fuse protection, low battery shutdown protection, low battery voltage alarm, over voltage protection, overload protection and temperature protection.

  • Maximum power rating (watts): 300
  • Peak power (watts) 0.01 seconds: 600
  • Stand by current (amps): <0.25
  • Waveform: Modified Sine
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Input voltage range: 10-15 volts DC
  • 240v AC socket (BS approved): 3 pin
  • Fuse (amps) : 40
  • Weight (kgs): 0.88
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