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Our customers include:

 University of Aberdeen

British Waterways

University of Cambridge

Alderney Wildlife Trust

Campbells Motorhomes


Pod Pads

Bath Narrowboats

Queen Mary University

Himalayan Experience, Nepal

Signature Industries, France

British Waterways

Brownhills Motorhomes

Caley Marina

CCTV Nationwide

University of Sussex

Centre for Alternative Technology

Wallsaw Electrical

Cornwall County Council

Eastern Regional Fisheries Board, Ireland

Extreme GB

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Hagley Catholic High School

Kingsway School

Leeds City Council

Lynton Trailors

National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool

Network Rail

Planet Ice


University of Southampton

Rugby School

Sirius Observatories, Australia

Solar Equip

South Yorkshire Motor Caravans

Alex Metcalfe, Kew Gardens Sound Project

University College Cork, Ireland

Islington council

University College Dublin

University of Malaysia, Sarawak

University of Birmingham

Veloway, France

Wysing Arts Centre




Below are a selection of our customer's testimonials.  You can also see more customer reviews collected independently by Safebuy - just click here or on the 5 Star Safebuy logo. Click here to see independent Customer Reviews for Select Solar & Select Solar Gadgets at SafeBuy
  •  Prompt service and a good product at a resonable price. (Safebuy Independent feedback). 

    Jun 28 2017

  •  Thank you Colin for your helpfulness on telephone.  Telephoned for enquiry on solar panel and was told the truth and not a lot of jargon. 

    TS London

  •  A big thank you to Colin who helped me out over the phone yesterday with wiring in an LR1218 on to a Schaudt Electroblok, all sorted now thanks! (Must always remember to check polarity on German Motorhomes as their wiring colour codes are the reverse of ours with the blue being +ive and brown -ive)
    Cheers, Mel.

    Sent from Mels iPad 

    Mel Lewis

  •   satisfied (Safebuy independent feedback) 

    Jan 14 2017

  •    8.4 kW grid-tied PV – Romford Essex ]   My wife and I chose Select Solar, to install a photovoltaic (PV) system after lengthy research and talking to other solar installers. What impressed us first was how easy it was to talk with Colin Howe and how knowledgeable he was with the current state of the solar industry. We had two requirements in reducing our electrical cost; find a way to reduce our daily demand and then create supplemental power that we would use in our house and feed back to the local electric grid.   Colin did a thorough electric evaluation of our house and how we live. He suggested that we first change out our halogen floods to light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. This change reduced our lighting wattage by 80% in our most used rooms and the bulbs will last more than 10 years. These bulbs not only drastically reduced the heating load where used, they also made it possible to decrease the number of solar panels to reach our goal of cutting our electric bill by nearly 50%.   Together we researched many options for the PV installation, including placement (roof or ground), manufacturer, warranties and the ecological impact during production of the PV panels, plus the converting of the direct current (DC) from the panels to alternating current (AC). Colin gave us many options and was very patient with our decision making process.   After we made our decisions, Colin  handled all the details, including the FIT’s paperwork  . We never felt that anything was overlooked. The installation went very smooth and we are now enjoying producing our own electricity and reducing our carbon footprint.   We highly recommend Select Solar to all our neighbours and friends. Thank you Colin and his team and Select Solar.   Yours sincerly,  Melissa and Dwight     

    Nov 19 2016

  •  I was delighted with how easy it was to shop and the order arrived the next day.I would certainly reccomend it to friends as a very reliable trustwothy seller. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Nov 16 2016

  •  The item we requested was not in stock but an easy exchange of e-mails got us a very acceptable alternative which was delivered promptly (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Nov 5 2016

  •  I would certainly recommend select solar as a very reliable retailer.My purchase came the next day! I was very surprised and happy as I was looking forward to seeing my purchase.Easy to order and no problems whatsoever.100% happy. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Nov 4 2016

  •  Excellent, I do appreciate all your support and help since I have begun to use you guys – you completely outstrip my other suppliers in all aspects! Many Thanks  Ace Solar Power 

    Jan 6 2017

  •  Like your website (Safebuy independent feedback) 

    Jan 3 2017

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