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Select Solar Power Station - 155w

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100w select solar panel
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Our 155W Select Solar Power Station is a big step forward to achieving energy self-sufficiency in a garage, holiday cottage, business or anywhere that would be affected by power cuts and the cost installing mains cable is very high. Within the kit you have all parts that you may require to start producing you own power within an hour of installation. It is very simple to construct and comes with full instructions.

The solar panel must be located outside and an aluminium stand is supplied to stand the panel firmly on the ground or a flat roof (the multi position rack allows you to achieve the optimum angle in all seasons). The 10m of extension cable runs to the battery and other equipment, first into the charge controller, then into the battery, through the inverter and finally out through the RCD adapter. You are essentially provided a mains wall socket to do with as you please. To run 12V appliances you can either run straight off the battery or purchase an additional 12V Socket.

The 155W kit provides up to 775 watt hours per day and is suited for garages, workshops, stables, garden sheds, and beach huts. It can normally power appliances such as lighting, power tools, battery charger, car vac, alarm systems etc for around 2-4 hours per day. If you wish to power larger appliances or run these for longer or during winter, please consider a larger station.


  • Gives you the tools to achieve energy self sufficiency
  • Easy to install kit without the need for any qualified persons
  • Simple to disassemble and relocate
  • Can provide power in areas where mains cannot reach
  • Can be seen as an investment due to ever increasing energy prices


  • Select Solar 155w Monocrystalline Rigid Panel
  • Multi Position Aluminium Rack
  • Multi Contact 10m Extension Cable Pair with MC4 Connectors
  • Victron Blue Solar MPPT 75/15 (12/24v)
  • Haze AGM 12v 92Ah Battery
  • Victron Phoenix 500w - 12v Inverter (Please Call If You Want a Larger Inverter)
  • RCD Adapter 13A
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