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Fruit & Vegatable Saver

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fruit and veg saver

Fruit & Veg Savers can actually Doubles or triples the storage life of fruit and veg and therefore Drastically reduces food waste!

Whether you do a weekly shop, or a monthly one and just top up on your fresh items, there's no denying that it's often the case that the healthier the food, the more it takes out of your shopping budget! Thanks to the simple yet effective Fruit and Veg Savers, you can now save money, and reduce waste on your perishables.

As fruit and vegetables ripen they emit ethylene gas, which is completely harmless, but it does speed up the ripening process of your fresh produce. This effect is even more prevalent for items kept contained in the fridge, or a cupboard, because the gas from just one of two items can begin to spoil everything else very quickly as the chain reaction of ripening, ethylene, and therefore more ripening begins. We've all been there when you have a fridge packed with fresh and juicy items, only for them to seemingly start to spoil overnight.

The Fruit & Veg savers look incredibly simple, but they do a fantastic job of increasing the life of your fresh produce, by as much as three times! They work by absorbing the ethylene gas, therefore slowing down the over-ripening process.

With these fantastic discs, not only can you enjoy your fruit and veg for longer, you'll save a lot of money by reducing costly waste too. With statistics often in the news highlighting just how much food is wasted (the average family with children will waste around £700 in food per year – around £60 a month!), it's hard not to see the benefits of your food lasting long enough for you to actually eat it!

Each pack of Fruit & Veg Saves includes 3 discs, each of which will last for up to 3 months. When replacing your disc, the spent contents make a great organic fertiliser, use in the garden or in houseplants.

Please note: If the disc becomes wet it may stain produce, this is harmless but unsightly. To ensure this does not happen avoid putting wet produce in with the disc.

Fruit & Veg Savers Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5cm diameter by 0.5cm in height
  • Contents are non-toxic
  • Pack of 3 discs
  • Each disc lasts up to 3 months
  • Non-toxic and recyclable


  • ****fruit and veg saver

    By Jackie on 20th Apr 2015 of: Fruit & Vegatable Saver

    These are a great. "They do exactly what is on the pack" My fruit and Veg did last a lot longer while I was away and saved me from going to the campsite shop to buy extra.

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