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Battery back up for Houses and buildings

ESS diagram

These on-grid battery storage kits are designed to go alongside our solar panel on-grid kits, https://www.selectsolar.co.uk/cat/183/solar-panel-kits-for-houses, or with an existing solar on-grid installation.

The main purpose of this kit is to store your spare solar energy and use it during the evening when the sun has gone down.

The size of the inverter/charger in the kit represents the AC output of the system, for example a 1200VA inverter is estimated to continually output 960 watts and double this value for peak demands. The inverters have been sized around the capacity of the batteries and will run at full capacity for 1.5-3 hours depending on the kit.

The Victron MultiPlus inverter/charger model is used in our kits as they are very reliable and fully programmable. If you have specific programming requirements or would like to program the unit yourself, please let us know before you order.

We have used lithium batteries in our kits because you will be able to utilise almost all of the power that is stored and they have a charging efficiency of 95%. Most common leisure batteries have a charging efficiency of around 70%, therefore to fully charge a 100Ah lead battery you will require 130 Amps of power.

Also included in the kits is a BMS (battery management system) or BMU (battery management unit) depending on the battery model. These are essential to monitor the charging and discharging rates of the batteries and will keep them healthy.

In the kit we have also included an EM24 energy meter, this is used to monitor your power consumption from the grid and the generated solar energy. This will then send the information to the Color Control (CCGX). The CCGX will then store and display the information on an interactable screen, this screen will also show the flow of energy and the battery status. Alongside the screen, all the information will also be uploaded to the Victron Remote Management (VRM) website. On the VRM you will be able to monitor your system and track its progress from when it was installed to current day.

Why implement grid backup?

  • Get security for the future - from power cuts and rising energy bills
  • Have the ability to use most or all of your generation - your energy costs less than importing grid energy
  • Bask in the knowledge that you are your own power station.

We at Select Solar are happy to let you know that we have retrofit battery backup options ready to offer.

It should be noted that MCS regulations do not cover certification for battery storage products. In this respect, Select Solar are unable to provide MCS certificates for battery storage.

Phone us on 01793 752032 to discuss your options.

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