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Battery back up for Houses and buildings

Why use batteries?
  As people are faced with above inflation price hikes in energy costs by the major companies
   and publicity increases regarding the risks to future generation of electricity in the UK,
   those with solar PV arrays are looking into how to store the excess electricity generated by
   their systems.
•  Solar of course generates electricity during daylight hours but wouldn't it be wonderful if the   
   excess energy could be stored up and used during the night-time hours. Solar inverter
   manufacturers have recently started responding to growing demand from solar customers to
   be able to retro-fit batteries to use more of the electricity generated by their PV arrays.
Why implement grid backup?
  • Get security for the future - from power cuts and rising energy bills
  • Have the ability to use most or all of your generation - your energy costs less than importing grid energy
  • Bask in the knowledge that you are your own power station.

Larger battery stores are generally required for backup systems than for smart storage solutions. They should be sized to cover the loads required during a power cut for the likely length of time of a power cut.

• We at Select Solar are happy to let you know that we have retrofit battery backup options ready to offer.
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