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Waboba Water Ball

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Waboba Water Ball - This isn't just any ball

The beach ball with a twist

  • Official Waboba rules included
  • Must-have addition to your suitcase
  • Great fun for all ages

Sure the Waboba Water Ball looks like any other ball you'd play with, but it's got a fun, unrivalled difference. You see, this clever ball actually bounces off water. Now, we've all heard about the miracle of walking on water, but that's been done before. Bouncing on water though? That's a world first isn't it?

Literally and figuratively hitting pools and beaches, the Waboba Water Ball is both a fun and testing way to spend your time in the water. Play with friends, skimming and bouncing the ball to test the reflexes of all who are involved.

That all sounds amazing, but how exactly does this ball manage to bounce on water? It's all to do with the polyurethanes from which it's manufactured and its lycra outer shell.

Should you decide that you want to elaborate on simply bouncing the ball between one another, you can turn to the Waboba Water Ball rules. With three players on a team, you take it in turns to bounce the ball among your team's members, earning points as you do so – loser buys the drinks!

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