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Hubi 10K Expansion Pack

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hubi charging mobile phone
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Need more power from your 10K Hubi?

Why not Add one or two additional Solar Hubs to your original to increase power capacity by up to 300%.

The Expansion pack comes Supplied with linking cable.


  • Lithium Ion battery for improved power delivery. 
  • 10A capacity 

Data Panel

  • LED lights showing charging, available power in battery, and power status (on/off) 


  • 2 x LUMi lights outputs 
  • 2 x USB outputs (MAX 2A)
  • 1 x Car Plug (MAX 3A)


  • Solar Panel charging input
  • Mains / Expansion HUBi input


  • HUBi = 220mm x 146mm x 50mm 


  • HUBi = 1.4Kg
Whats Included.
  • HUBi 10k
  • Linking cable (for HUBi to HUBi)
  • Instruction manual 


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