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SolarHub 16 expansion pack

solarhub16_expansion_540x720-240x180 light kit
solarhub16_expansion_540x720-240x180 light kit
  • £49.98 inc. VAT

  • 03004ST14
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  Name Code Power (W)   Dim. (L x W mm) Price UK Del.  
  SolarHub 16 03004ST11 0.00   £119.99 £6.25 Buy Now
  SolarHub 64 03004ST13 0.00   £239.99 £6.25 Buy Now
  SolarHub 16 expansion pack 03004ST14 0.00   £49.98 £6.25 Buy Now
  SolarHub 64 expansion pack 03004ST16 0.00   £69.98 £6.25 Buy Now

SolarHub 16 expansion pack is an extra for the all new Solar Hub lighting kits that provide easy to fit lighting and power for stables workshops, sheds, garages – in fact anywhere there is no grid connection.


SolarHub 16 expansion pack will illuminate a 16square meter area.

  • Supplied with a 5watt crystalline solar panel, roof / wall fixing kit, 12volt energy saving LED bulb and all the cables needed
  • Takes around 10 minutes to install
  • No special tools needed

Kit Options

  1. Single 3w LED Bulb (300Lm)
  2. Single 3w LED Strip (300Lm)
  3. Single 7w LED Bulb (700Lm) Extra £15 
  4. Single 15w LED Bulb (1500Lm) Extra £25 

Please note if selecting the 7w or 15w LED bulbs options your run time on the systems will be reduced due to the extra power thiese lights will use.

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