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Cybalite LED dynamo pull-cord torch

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This LED torch has done away with the need for batteries (disposable or rechargeable) as the internal battery never needs to be replaced. This torch doesn't even have a wind up handle as it uses a pull-cord to run the dynamo.  There's circuit protection too so you can't overcharge it.

There's a clip for you to attach it to your belt and the 180 degree swivel head means you can adjust it to a more useful angle.

The four point magnetic fixing allows it to be attached to your tool rack.

One more thing. 5p from the sale of this flashlight is donated to the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity.   From Cyba-lite's hi-tech range of torches and flashlights.  

  • 180° swivel head action for directional light
  • 4 point magnet and handy clip mechanism to allow for hands free operation
  • Hard wearing cable for longer life
  • Circuit protection to prevent over charging
  • Dimensions (mm): 205 x 50 * Weight: 241g.
  • Water Resistant.

Charging Time: Light Up Time

  • 1 min 12-16 mins
  • 3 mins 22-28 mins
  • 5 mins 32-38 mins


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