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Start Monkey 400 Amp

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The start monkey400 can restart a standard 12 volt battery between 15 and 30 times

on a full charge, thanks to its HIgh Energy Lithium Polymer Battery.

Safety features
• Integrated software to control charging procedure:
startmonkey400 will not output or charge unless attached to 12v vehicle battery
• Over-discharging and over charging protection
• 3-level charging protections: CPU, professional charging chipset & battery protection IC
• Incorrect polarity protection
• Auto-off after engine started
• Manual activation if battery voltage is below 6v
• Short-circuit protection
A battery voltage of less than 6v will require manual activation of startmonkey400.
startmonkey400 is to be used only with a 12v vehicle battery, its safety feature ensures if it is connected to a
6v or 24v battery, the startmonkey400 will not activate.
You will have to activate the manual over-ride feature to jump-start by pressing the ON/OFF button twice
in quick succession while it is still attached to the vechicles battery.
Kit List
* 1 x startmonkey400 unit
* 1 x pair of flexible cable (8AWG 200°C; black ‘-’ negative
   45cm and red ‘+’ positive 50cm) with insulated metal battery clamps ‘crocodile clips’
* 1 x 12v in-car charger
* 1 x 16v universal AC mains charger
* 1 x Storage case

* 1 x User guide

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