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Power Gorilla

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power gorilla


Power Gorilla

* High density Lithium Polymer rechargeable Battery

* 2-6 hours netbook power. (depending on the voltage setting and notebook specifications)

* Robust and compact

* Charges mobile phones and other digital devices

* Power your notebook and recharge other digital devices at the same time.

* Output auto-lock to ensure notebook safety.


Kit List

* 12v car charger socket ( to use with Macbook and macbook pro)

* Connector pack 2 for Nokia, mini Nokia, Motorola V66, Samsung E900, LG Chocolate and Sony

   Ericsson wide connector.

* Mini USB charging tip for smart phones, PDAs and other USB powered devices.

* Micro USB for latest Motorola and Nokia series.

* DC4.0 connector for Sony PSP

* User guide

* Worldwide A/C adaptor with interchangeable heads for UK, US/Japan?China, Australia and Europe.


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