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The Bunker Job

Colin and I worked on installing the 9 panels mounted on the roof, as the roof was flat there was only a sight angle therefore we laid L brackets on top of wood firrings which increased the angle to at least 5 degrees. We attached rails along the firrings onto L brackets, creating as much angle as possible. Once the rails were in place we mounted the panels and secured with mid and end clamps. We were unable to penetrate the roof as there was special material meant to withstand bombs being dropped so we used lateral straps which were attached to the side of the bunker securing the panels.

Whilst Colin and I were fixing the panels, Marcin was inside mounting the charge controller, inverter and batteries. As the laser guns required a 240V supply we sized an inverter to provide 2 double sockets. The charge controller was sized to the 9 panels and fed the 4 x 210Ah AGM batteries which were wired 2 in series and 2 in parallel. This created 420Ah at 24V, which was then fed into the inverter which powered the sockets.

The lighting was managed by a SolarHub 64. This included 4 LED strips, a hub unit which stored the energy and a 20w panel. The hub unit was mounted near the entrance to allow for easy access to switch on or off and the panel was mounted just outside the door for less shading and minimal distance to the hub unit. The LED strips were placed within the center of the bunker to allow for maximum light coverage and all connected to the hub unit.

The customer was happy and can now prepare the bunker for the game prep.

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