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Solar Installations: Design, Supply & Fit Services

What's the difference between off-grid and on-grid solar PV?
Solar PV means turning sunshine into electricity.  In simple terms an installed on-grid system works by fitting solar panels to the roof of your house. These panels generate an electrical current which flows into a box called an inverter where it is modified to be the same as the 240V AC mains electricity that is used in your house. Typically an on-grid installation is measured in KiloWatts of power.
Benefits with on-grid solar:
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Feed in Tariff pays you
  • Eco friendly
What about off-grid solar?

This is used for where there's no mains power and so it is not designed to be fed into the electricity grid. Instead the DC ouput is used to charge a battery which then feeds the 12V or 24V equipment, from trickle chargers to fountains. A small inverter can be used to convert this solar electricity to 240V AC.

So how do you choose the right system, the right accessories AND get them all fitted correctly?
That's where we come in - we do more than supply the solar units and accessories. Find out about the design & installation services and our qualified installers. Click through the relevant category below.
It should be noted that MCS regulations do not cover certification for battery storage products. In this respect, Select Solar are unable to provide MCS certificates for battery storage.