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On Grid Solar Installations: Design, Supply & Fit Services


What we do and how we do it

1 – Survey

survey fiiting

We will carry out an on site survey to assess the suitability of your property for Solar. Then we will send you a written quotation and calculation of the savings you will make from Solar panels.

2 – Acceptance

Once accepted our team will contact you to arrange a date convenient to you.

3 – Scaffolding

The first thing we will arrange is scaffolding to be erected around your house.

4 – Mounting Solar panels

Then our team of experienced installers will securely fasten all the Solar panels onto your roof space.

5 – Connection to grid

Our qualified electrician will connect your new Solar system to your electricity supplier.


Breakdown of a Solar System

1 – Mounting kit

fitting solar panels 2

We only use MCS approved Roof Kits. These are a combination of roof hooks/brackets and rails.They can be affixed to all types of tiled roofs.

2 – Solar Panels

roof panels

All the panels we use have been fully accredited by the MCS.

3 – Inverters


An Inverter is the brains of a Solar System, it will convert DC current to A/C so you can generate electricity straight away.


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