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Wind Turbines

Wind power in our collective opinion is highly underrated, however we have experienced the benefits and the varying range of practical uses it can provide. For example wind power will run for many more hours during the day (varying on location), compared to solar and can save you money in the long run.

The main attributes of wind power are reliability and flexibility on location. The target location for wind power is remote and inaccessible areas unable to connect to the mains power. In these areas wind power provides a cost effective solution as it is able to almost constantly trickle charge batteries, which allows for stress free living. By using this system your batteries life will be extended due to the constant charging and less frequent deep discharges.

An example of where we have personally installed wind turbines is on a beach hut. The location favours wind power as there is very constant heavy breezes which almost ensure that the batteries for the hut will be topped up and ready to be used.

Wind turbines work by utilising natural breezes which turn the turbines, during this turning action a coil within is spun and the movement of the electrons in the coil create electricity. This generated power is then fed into a charge controller/regulator and finally into a battery. It is not recommended to feed straight into appliances as the varying voltage may damage the said appliance.

We have found that for a very optimal setup the combination of both solar and wind power ensure that at any point during the day or night your batteries will be topped up.

Due to our extensive experience we feel like wind power is perfect for static caravans as roof space never seems to be enough. By utilising both wind and solar we think a generator will only have to be used as an emergency backup power source.

We offer personalised kits to meet any customer’s requirements and a fitting service within the UK. Our qualified team of engineers are professionally trained and ready to help.

If you want any further information or assistance you can contact us on: 01708 223 733

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