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Soltronix Panels

Soltronix solar panels are designed and engineered to be the most durable semi-flexible crystalline silicon panels on the market. They are made from high-efficiency SunPower solar cells and paired with a proprietary encapsulation system that ensures the best durability and environmental protection. All modules are tested at the end of the manufacturing process to ensure they exceed the advertised performance. 


The PowerBoost series of charge controllers incorporate high-efficiency DC-DC converters and a proprietary power point tracking system to optimize the power collected from the solar panel and efficiently charge a battery. Our charge controllers are specifically designed for use with solar and will not overcharge and reduce the battery's life, a common problem with off-the-shelf three-stage charge controllers.


The encapsulation stack used in the Soltronix panels offers protection from hot, humid environments, icing, water immersion, and saltwater spray. Additionally, the encapsulation stack has been engineered to withstand ½” hail with no degradation in panel performance.


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